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Debbie Wasserman Schultz, George Soros, Obama, Clinton and the Democrats advance their propaganda and their agenda

Submitted by Dean, Jan 19, 2016 08:53

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz strikes me as a real Democratic Party apparatchik who either does not understand what is going on or is reading the sound-bites provided to her by her Leftist overlords. She would do anything to curry favor with the leftists who now rule over the party. The Dems long-term objectives are to extend the Obama doctrine well into the future with more control over the message and more control over the media. Islamism and immigration play a major role in the Dems attempt to extend their dynasty. Immigrants and illegals tend to vote for those who let them through the door (illegally) and the government which offers them free stuff and assurances that they will never be deported. The Dems are experts at pandering to this demographic. The Islamization process and the process of shutting down and shutting up anyone who dare expresses any concern over a political religion that has as its end goal to conquer and destroy "our house" is well under way (with help from the UN, the EU and several billionaires like George Soros who somehow make money off the carcass of Western society as he did to build his initial fortune in Germany/Europe off the corpses).


Incompetent Government Officials are a Security Risk

Jan 18, 2016 20:19

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a perfect example of inept people working in Washington that represent a security risk to this country. She should be working at the department of motor vehicle checking people's wiper blades and head lights.


Loyalty uber alles

Jan 13, 2016 16:34

The one constant that every democrat adheres to is never, ever take a critical, perceptive, common sense view of any initiative, regulation or policy proposal offered up by any democrat, no matter how inane, incoherent or egregious. That all spout essentially the same so called "talking points" suggests they have a large staff of writers, propagandists if you like, creating the appropriate, established party line. Adherence to this line produces the much desired party unity required to deflect, deviate, obfuscate or ignore any line of inquiry that could potentially crack the desired facade.

It is a well oiled, smooth running machine that the most obvious, widely reported evidence suggesting anything contrary to the official positions is so effectively suppressed that the generally complacent, unquestioning viewer, reader or listener is essentially indoctrinated, rendered ignorant, and imbued with a sense of outrage against the "extreme, right wing, Islamophobic, Christian, gun toting fanatics" who dare to be critical.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz proves how out-of-touch Democrats are

Submitted by Kelly Clover, Jan 13, 2016 16:26

The Democratic party has proven once again just how out-of-touch it is on critical national security issues. CAIR has provided financial, legal, and lobbying support to dangerous terrorists who want to destroy America. The Democratic party refuses to admit what should be self-evident: Those who provide assistance to dangerous Islamic terrorists represent just as much a menace to national security as those who plan or carry out the mass murders. The Democrats are making it extremely easy to vote against them in future elections. If we can't protect our security against dangerous enemies nothing else matters.


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