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Sick of PC Subversives

Submitted by A Free Mind, Jul 20, 2015 15:17

WARNING: POLITICALLY INCORRECT CONTENT The American mass media - with the possible exception of talk radio - is engaged in the complete destruction of American values. The most subtle and pernicious tactic promulgated by those that would fundamentally transform America is political correctness, in all its perversions. They ALL transgress the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment, which was so important that the Founders made it the very FIRST amendment. The NY Times story about white supremacists being more dangerous than Islamic terrorism is a blatant example of the unwillingness to recognize reality and to instead deflect our attention to something else. It is simply "not PC" to call fundamentalist Islamic terrorism what it is, or even to acknowledge it. There are myriad examples of the redefinition of words to mean something different, including "discrimination", which used to mean merely the ability to tell the difference between things. "Discriminating tastes" used to be a desirable ability to tell the difference between merely acceptable and excellent. From that perversion comes twisting of "racisim," which used to mean treating someone differently because of the color of their skin. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of a colorblind society in which his children would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, yet the advocacy of colorblindness has now been called by the PC media as code for racism itself. Without the correct words to call a thing what it is, we have no basis for a rational understanding of our world. Similarly, the creative characterization of the Ft. Hood massacre by an Islamic-American soldier shouting "Allahu Akbar" as merely workplace violence misses the truth by a moon-shot. The Garland, TX assault on the "Draw Mohammad" cartoon contest was even represented sympathetically by the major media, and the cartoonists engaging in the protection of the First Amendment for political statements were vilified as the problem. If anything could illustrate the assault on American values better, I can't imagine what it might be. By the way, the cartoon that won that contest was a depiction of a turbanned, scimitar-wielding figure proclaiming "You Can't Draw Me!", and a pair of hands wielding only a pencil saying quietly "That's Why I Draw You." Bet you didn't hear anything about that in the pop-culture media. Poignantly, that cartoon was created by a former Muslim who has devoted his post-awakening life to telling the truth about Islam, named Bosch Fawstin. Have you heard anywhere that both Fawstin and the event's organizer, American Freedom Defense Initiative founder Pamela Geller, now have an Islamic fatwah against them. In mafiosi terms, it's called a "contract." Since the media has largely abdicated its constitutionally-protected duty to tell the truth in favor of advocating its twisting, it is up to each of us to use the words that accurately describe things in our world, and to stand up for the common-sense meanings of those words. Where does it end? It doesn't, without us that recognize the problem, and the threat it poses to the west doing something to stop it. If we allow the anti-American values crowd to limit the words that can be used in the debate over America's future, American values - and those that believe in them - will be wiped off the face of the earth. Not just in our time, but for generations to come. Is that the world you want your children and grandchildren to have to live in? Especially in the United States of America? Don't surrender your Freedom of Speech! Don't be afraid to be called politically incorrect, racist or one or more of the many Islamophobic, homophobic, anti-government, ignorant gun-loving Christian or any of the other denigrating labels invented by those that would control us to intimidate us! Stand up for the truth and for reality and call things as you see them. The very first step is to take back the meaning of our words, and to tell others what we mean when we use them! America is in our hands. Never surrender! If Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are to survive as self-evident American values, it is up to each one of us!



Submitted by Sally, Jul 17, 2015 21:35

yes, FBI, Abdulazziz acted in concert with passages in the Quran that recommend killing infidels, and in concert with radical imams who recommend killing Westerners who are not muslims.


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