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Can you prove what you say?

Submitted by Francine Epstein, Jun 9, 2015 16:05

If you have proof that the FBI were out of line here; please produce your proof or other wise be silent.


Birds of a feather...

Submitted by Doug Mayfield, Jun 4, 2015 14:18

In attacking the police, Islamists will be eagerly aided and abetted by the Left. Both followers of Islam and the Left are malevolent and authoritarian. They both wish to destroy freedom and individual rights and believe that the best chance to accomplish is to create violent chaos in our society. Hence, both groups attack the police every chance they get.

We'll see continued cooperation between followers of Islam and the Left since their long term goals are pretty much identical, to enslave everyone.


Murder prevented?

Submitted by Jeff, Jun 3, 2015 01:13

Maybe rahim was going to the store to behead someone. Much like what occurred in Oklahoma City and the UK. Who knows? One thing is for certain. He won't.


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