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Full story unknown

Submitted by Lorna Salzman, May 20, 2015 17:29

Rhazoui was one of several Charlie Hebdo staff members who were pushing for "collectivization" of the magazine, indicating they are likely extreme leftists. Collectives sent out with George Orwell and Joseph Stalin. They are the best way of deflecting a magazine or group from their main purpose and also the best way to get nothing done because one person can block decisions. Collectives are like a bunch of hens squawking about laying eggs and waiting for all the hens to agree before they lay them. Why people were so ready to indict CH before knowing the facts of this case is disturbing. The media, including IPT and Jihad Watch, should have tried to investigate and get the bigger story. Now CH has been publicly smeared thanks to one staff member who decided to air her views to other media, who should have been but were not responsible. The group's declared purpose of setting aside the floods of money sent to CH in order to support it indefinitely doesn't old water since there is little doubt that the editors and publisher would invest and use it wisely.


It is unfair to take action against a staff

Submitted by Rosie, May 20, 2015 00:07

As we read the events in Paris in January 2015, the fate of 12 including the editor of the Magazine Charlie Hebdo's. The authority of the magazine has called columnist Zineb El Rhazoui to a initially dismissal hearing. So far we know that she had been threatened with death and now she faces such fate. She had support for her colleagues who sacrificed their lives. Now she is being accused for being outspoken. It may depend on what she has been speaking outside but if she was a part of the magazinefor long time, she should be given a chance of giving her freedom to speak her mind. Hopefully she will be be punished unjustly by a group of people who wholeheartedly believe in "Freedom of Speech."


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