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Threats to Critics of Islam

Submitted by Kelly Clover, May 19, 2015 15:55

One of the major objectives of those who want to establish a worldwide Islamic state is to silence criticism of Islam. Sadly President Obama is cooperating with those who wish to silence criticism of Islam. It's really not surprising that militant Islam is gaining ground worldwide and becoming increasingly menacing and dangerous. President Obama and to a lesser extent his predecessor George W. Bush have done the American public a grave disservice by proclaiming Islam to be a religion of peace. As commonly practiced it too often is very far from that. Anyone who takes the time to read the Quran will see that this book is extremely militant and warlike, far more so than the Bible or most any religious publication. This is why it is often interpreted the way Islamic militants interpret it. Without apology our leaders need to tell the public some very painful truths. We are very much at war with a religious ideology. Stop denying it! We are at war with the Quran or at least a common interpretation of the Quran. Admit it! The Quran's god is very dissimilar from the Jewish or Christian god as far as character attributes are concerned. Our leaders need to tell the public that the proportion of Muslims who support violent jihad is a highly significant number. Instead they peddle the lie that the number is extremely small. We cannot defeat militant Islam with military force alone. Strong measures need to be taken to halt the recruitment of jihadists here at home. We need to undertake countermeasures against the propaganda that ISIS and other organizations are using to expand their numbers. Without apology we should tell the gruesome story of the enormous amount of totally unnecessary mass death and suffering has resulted from the practice of militant Islam in its various forms.


Well reasoned.

Submitted by Robert Rundbaken, Feb 21, 2015 17:51

I think the French would cut off their baguettes rather than become a religious nation. And it agree Muslims need to do more to counter those who commit atrocities in their name. I look to the Muslims in Denmark who symbolically stood before a synagogue to protect it.

Love be the writing.



Charlie Hebdo - no, Charles Martel - yes.

Submitted by Marcus Paura, Feb 21, 2015 13:25

France, and all of Europe, has faced multiple Islamic invasions over the centuries. Previous invasions came as military conquest attempts. Now, under the guise of immigration and diversity, they are progressing with their 'non-violent' take over of Europe, and any country that bows to the UN pressure of mandatory immigration from middle eastern countries.

This kind of invasion is more difficult to oppose as they use the countries laws against the citizens of that country.

It is time for a 'Charles Martel' to rise up and drive back the invading forces.

The rally cry in France should not be 'Je Suis Charlie Hebdo' but rather 'Je Suis Charles Martel' if they want to save their nation and their sovereignty.


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