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The Islamic problem

Submitted by Barthis Sam, May 8, 2015 06:06

Are we to feel afraid because European\American powers are not protecting of what remains dear to us "freedom"? Is Islam the de facto or de jure supreme power of the world? If not, leadership ought to come from leaders of the free world America\Europe. There can be no distinction fundamentalist Islam and liberal Islam. Terrorist Islam is aware of this pointless definition. Islam is solely defined by the Qur'an and sunna\hadith of the Prophet. If right action defines a Muslim then do as the prophet would have(Sunna). But, then how does one address a religion that has no clergy where everyone acts as its spokesperson? One thing is certain the dar al Islam must first give all people in their borders freedom of expression no matter their religious proclivities; this will never happen because is Islam disrespects others. it condones the West because it needs to change it. Like China Islam is Imperialistic, if the West want lose its power the insidious accretion of Islam within its confines will go one unabated



Submitted by Anny Matar, May 4, 2015 06:51

The world we live in is willing to give-up or give-in to threats uttered and executed by those who want to intimidate them. There is not only their freedom of speech they're trying to take away, but their lives as well. I raise my hat in admiration for those who dare telling the world the truth and not be blinded, and muted by threats, warning the world of the true faces behind the smiling masks of treachery. What they, those courageous few, are trying to do is warn the free world of the dangers but, I fear, the world plays 3 monkeys and remains a bystander. Going back some 75 years, not to be found in history books only, because we're still here to tell the tale, Hitler succeeded in blinding its people by propaganda, whipping up hatred, murdering anyone who dared to speak out against him, and the world? It sat back and listened thinking it will never happen and there was a white paper waved in the wind promising peace in our time and that was what the world wanted to hear. Listen and learn from those brave few who put their lives on the block for you, let it not be in vain!!!


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