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Mar 24, 2015 15:15

Everyone needs to do is his part to protect our national security against dangerous enemies. Sadly President Obama is far more concerned with not offending Muslims than he is with protecting us against dangerous enemies. Please click on either or both of the following links to make some noise with your congressman and senators. http://petition2congress.com/17253/expel-cair-permanently-from-usa/ http://petition2congress.com17530/stop-recruitment-jihadists-at-usa-mosques/ Obama's outrageous policies are the reason we are in so much trouble. His treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu is extremely deplorable. Obama is beholden to the Muslim lobby with its blatantly anti-Israel, anti-American views. A victory by Iranian Shiite militants over ISIL doesn't help us at all. Both groups have substantially the same goals with respect to Israel, America, and Europe. Both groups support mass killings to advance their agenda. Not only is Obama way off-course on foreign policy, he refuses to take appropriate action to stop the recruitment of jihadists here at home.


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