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Egypt also busted some fishermen in Nuweiba

Submitted by Rhonda, Dec 3, 2014 15:28

This explains and confirms why it is now required to travel in convoys when going outside of Sharm el-Sheikh to Dahab or anyway to the north. Egypt also reportedly caught some faloukas filled with weapons rrying to enter the port of Nuweiba, about 30 minutes south of the Israeli border. This was about a month - 6 weeks ago, right before ABM declared allegiance to the IS. It is now necessary for any tourists to get a police permission the day before, and have a police escort to travel outside of the city.

The question, which no one knows the answer to is where did the faloukas come from? Inside the gulf of Aqaba the Red Sea borders 4 countries, Saudi, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. In my opinion Saudi and Israel are the least likely possibilities. It is not likely they came from Egypt and tried to re-enter Egypt at a more southern point, although it is a possibility because of all he random check-points and heavy security on the one road that leads from the Taba / Eliat border to Sharm el-Sheikh. But the strongest possibility is that they came from Jordan. There is also a ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba for tourists.

This article seems to confirm they came from Jordan, if they are also trying to get weapons to Gaza. It is not likely a shipment of weapons could make it from Nuweiba to Gaza with all of the heavy security. It is not easy to cross from the South Sinai governate into the North Sinai Governate. So most likely they were trying to get some weapons into the tourist resorts of Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh. There is very heavy security, so I doubt they will have any success in the South Sinai. I'm sure there are many other incidents on a daily basis we do not hear about. But there is no way. The security is too heavy.


It Is What It Is

Submitted by Michael Fox, Dec 3, 2014 01:22

If it waddles like a skunk, has black an white stripes like a skunk and smells like a skunk, chances are, it's a Turkey.

The bloom is off the rose. In spite of efforts to sound politically correct, save it trade, tourist industry and NATO status, Turkey supports Islamic terrorism, It is a proven enemy of Israel, the Jews and the west.


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