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Palestinian Psychosis

Submitted by Michael, Oct 9, 2014 19:56

There seem to be a common thread that runs through the very fabric of Islam, Violence and an inability to integrate reality seem a common flaw that keeps Islam in a constant state of hate. If this "religion" would ever take a reflective view of its history it might rethink the misery it has brought to fellow Muslims, not to mention other religions, around the world.

If Hamas took over the West Bank of Israel and began to arm, it would be the end of Hamas. Israel would push the Palestinians back into Jordan. It would annex the land up to Jordan and deport the Palestinians. The world, led by the UN would rant, rage and condemn but when it comes right down to survival, you do what you have to do. A warning to Hezbollah and Lebanon.. Stay out of it. If rockets are fired at Jerusalem and or Tel Aviv from Lebanon, then Beruit, Tripoli, Sidon, Tyre ....where ever Hezbollah and its leadership is, will resemble the destruction of the Hamas leadership and the Gaza strip. That message is also for Tehran as well.


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