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Oil= Money= Power= Terror= Narrative= Media

Submitted by Emil Cohen, Dec 2, 2014 07:54

If one draws a line from the early 50's, we can see that the flow of money to Arabia has created an ever ending giant of demands that began the Financing of terror, including Sept 11.

Arabs claimed that the Jews owned the media, so they set up to own it, This was done through investments and building their own mouthpieces, the likes of Al Jazeereh. With money, they infiltrated the Universities and the media, thus creating a flow of opinianated writers and reporters. Those not owned are threathened and sometimes made to become a show piece, killing a few journalists or jailing them, made the message clear.

The problem will only be resolved when the original reason disapears- Money.

Now that America is free of importing oil. the world will follow and become energy independent.

Mullahs can say goodbye and Arab Sheiks willl be a thing of the past. Because their claim to power is due to oil sales- Only.

The only problem for the next three generations that remauns, is how do you deprogram "Jew hatred" from the intoxicated throngs of Muslims.


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