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Orthodox Islam and "terror"

Submitted by Kingsley, Oct 29, 2014 17:08

Most Canadians are ignorant of the political/religious ideology. The assume it is like all other faith groups. The Koran is the eternally valid commands of their deity. There are many like Verse 5:51 which warns them that to be a true friend of a Jew or Christian makes you an "apostate", subject to the death penalty. Verse 8:31 commands them to fight the "unbelievers" until the entire world worships only Allah. Allah's ideal human being is Mohammad, whom all the believers should strive to imitate. His bio cites his boast that "I conquered by terror". They have been doing it for 1400 years and one must be ignorant, or cowardly, to avoid addressing that unpleasant reality that the believers will not, can not, end the practice. More barbaric atrocities are on the way and our leaders will continue to betray the future of our society and our children.


Let's try to be a bit more grown up and sophisticated, officers!

Submitted by Andrew H, Oct 29, 2014 00:00

Are Canadian police chiefs now working for Obama? Where and when did all this "outreach" business begin with Muslims? Is the Canadian police reaching out to Hindus? Catholics? Jews? The different Muslim sects which are always warring with each other? Isn't it time that the P.M.s office establish a school for law enforcement managers to teach them about Muslim Taqqyia (deception) and what their job should and should not entail. The Mounties got sucked in and fooled by Muslims just weeks ago in a publishing venture in which they made it look like the RCMP was supporting them in everything which the red-faced Mounties then quickly tried to save face by issuing a press release stating that they are not part of the whole pamphlet - a pathetically Canadian stance.


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