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IRFAN & the Palestinian people

Submitted by Dick Leppky, Apr 30, 2014 21:46

I am from British Columbia and the problem with the Middle East is that the Arab/Palestinian leadership is brainwashing their people about Israel and peace. They do not want peace and have proven that repeatedly. What they want is to eliminate the legitimate state and the Jewish people.......and their people seem to accept the deception. The various leaders are on record (dozens of time) as not accepting Israel as a state and openly make statements that Israel has no right to exist. This kind of attitude is a complete non-starter for any resolution.


IRFAN ,Legitimate Charity Org.

Submitted by Stan Squires, Apr 30, 2014 14:01

I am from Vancouver and I wanted to say that the Canadian gov.got contempt and hatred for the Palestinian People.The Canadian gov. supports the blockade of Gaza and now it has frozen the assets of IRFAN which is a legitimate charity org.for Palestinian People. It is the JNF that should be banned in Canada as a charity org.This org. raises money to help the apartheid Israeli gov.destroy Palestinian homes and farmland and build illegal Israeli settlements.It is also used to recruit army personal to kill Palestinian People.It is the Canadian gov. that supports Israeli terrorism and the JNF that supports Israeli terrorism.


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