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Submitted by gary fouse, Aug 8, 2014 20:31

One thing is demonstrated in this video. That is the religious component behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If there were no religious motive, why would they shout, "Heil Hitler"? Why would they shout, "Takbir" and "Allahu Akhbar" (God is the Greatest)? Just last Saturday in Los Angeles, I heard shouts of "Takbir", "Allahu Akhbar", "Long live Hamas", "long live Hezbollah", and "long live Jihad". I also saw a Hamas flag. How dare these punks bring their hatred of Jews to our countries in the West. When are we going to put astop to this? Our police have better things to do than try to control these mobs.

We can start with a few simple steps:

1 Crush ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

2 Stand back and let Israel finish the job on Hamas, and if and when necessary, Hezbollah.

3 Call a halt to Islamic immigration to the West. With apologies to decent Muslims, it is our own self defense at stake. Until the hate, violence, and madness ceases, they can remain in their own countries and fight amongst themselves.

4 Start deporting the troublemakers. Zero tolerance. Those who have gained citizenship and shown that they are not accepting our laws and values should have their citizenship stripped and be deported.

It is too bad for decent Muslims, but as for this riff-raff, we don't need them, we don't want them, and the sooner we are rid of them, the better off we will be.


World war 3

Aug 8, 2014 18:55

This is world war 3 and the western world needs to wake up and recognize it.

this is the Muslims' revenge for the Crusades, and if we don't wake up now it will be too late.

the so called " moderate " Muslims don't count at all because they have no voice, do they do not speak up, so they are irrelevant.

the fundamental Islamists are going against Christians, Jews, and any body else who is not Muslim .

lets help them get to heaven and the US is the only one who can do it


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