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Thank you

Aug 1, 2014 02:27

I wish more people saw this. It seems obvious to me, but I am really attacked as racist, indifferent to the deaths of children, etc., when I bring up Israel's defense. Still reeling from the tunnels they planned to use to commit more terror.


Antisemitisim in the Churches

Submitted by Barbara Freeman, Jul 20, 2014 22:39

There is a disturbing trend here in New York City.

Churches are siding with the Palestinians with regards to this conflict.

Several of these Churches call for a boycott of Israel.

Some Churches here have already done that.

i am going to take action !

I will contact my representative and file a lawsuit against one of these Churches..St. Michael's Church here in Manhattan, stating this Church is promoting antisemitism. Steve Emerson fans out there, join me. If you know Churches in your area promoting antisemitism, write to your Representatives. Join me in this fight against antisemitism.


Death as a Tactic

Submitted by Arlinda, Jul 17, 2014 17:19

Depravity exists whenever and where ever Islamic Terrorists exist. It uses its own people to die so they appear more sympathetic to the world. They issue blood lust warnings to the Israelies threatening to use their severed heads as toys for their children. Men run through the streets carrying bleeding children accusing Israelis of infanticide and war crimes. The Islamic terrorists stationed in Palestine encouraged their own to die after being warned by Israel to leave so they wouldn't be killed. If that isn't murder with depraved indifference then what is???!!!! They will go on killing Israelis, Americans, Christians, Jews and Hindus forever unless we deal with them the way we dealt with the Third Reich. Islam is not a religion it is totalitarian fascism and nothing will become it so in life as its leaving of it. There is no middle ground. We win or we die.


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