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Humor in the Midst

Submitted by Carol, Jul 14, 2014 21:38

I had to laugh when Hamas said it wanted to bring Israel to the International Court for war crimes.

Ibrahim Khreisheh is right. It would almost be funny if it happened, but it may also bring some sobriety to the Israel-is-always-at-fault euphoria.



Submitted by A.T. Halmay, Jul 14, 2014 16:21

In an ironic sense, the continued firing of rockets by Hamas into Israel is a positive thing because if they ceased, the lefties and irrational peacenicks of Israel would seek a cease-fire agreement and then after a year or less they would be into the same all over again. As long as Hamas keeps sending missiles, Israel's left has no choice but to respond and in this manner (Allah be willing) Israel will continue to bomb and possibly wipe out all of Hamas.


Muslim vs Muslim

Submitted by Mickey Oberman, Jul 14, 2014 16:02

It is very gratifying to see the various enemy factions fighting among themselves.

May it continue ad infinitum.


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