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Greenwald not who he says he is

Submitted by Kris, Jul 9, 2014 20:25

Greenwald's link to the Muslim Brotherhood was news to me--but I'm not surprised. The whole "Snowden archive" stinks to high heaven. Crytome.org estimated that it will take something like 50 years to release all of the documents at the rate that they are being released. Something like 1% have been released thus far. Why dribble them out? Cryptome asks the same question, of which no one, Greenwald included, has an answer.

This may be an odd way of analyzing the documents thus far released, but the "documents" are not in fact valid NSA documents at all, which the NSA knows. Anyone that has been in business, college, etc., has had to sit through Powerpoint presentations put together by someone with minimal computer savvy. Text with run-on sentences, cheesy graphics, etc. But the NSA has the creme of the crop as far as computer geeks and we are to believe that most of the "documents," which are in fact slides from Powerpoint presentations, were prepared by high-level, computer savvy NSA operatives? Hardly likely.It looks like they were put together by a sixth grader after taking a computer class.

My guess is that the NSA "whistleblower" Edward Snowden is actually working for the NSA, as is Greenwald. As far as Greenwalld's link to the Muslim Brotherhood, we all know Eric Holder pushed the Holy Land Foundation case down the memory hole, that the Muslim Brotherhood met with Obama in April 2009, that he put the Muslim Brotherhood in the front row of the Cairo speech, etc., etc., so for Greenwald, and by extension the NSA, to be in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood is not some far-fetched theory. Just my opinion.


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