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Deporting Al-Arian May Be Easier Said Than Done

Submitted by Barbara Griffith, Jul 2, 2014 23:47

I wonder just what kind of close friendship does the White House have with this man and the Muslim Brotherhood? With what Obama has been doing since he was elected it couldn't be good. Obama has Muslim Brotherhood members working in his administration I wonder if this was the "hope and change" he mentioned when he was trying to get elected. At this point none of us know just who President Obama actually is.


Deporting Al-Arian??

Submitted by Dianne, Jul 2, 2014 17:41

What a crying shame... Sami Al-Arian should absolutely have been banned from working with confirmed terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. So much time, money, and energy invested in the government case of this one man, and all of it for virtually nothing in return! The FBI should keep their eyes open and watch him because of his past record... once involved in terrorist conspiracies, always involved in terrorist conspiracies. I don't see him changing his actions any time soon ...


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