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Corrected blasphemy-ridden novel

Submitted by Edward Cline, Jun 11, 2014 16:46

I keep expecting Amazon and Barnes & Noble to ban or delist on a complaint from CAIR or even Obama Edward Cline's detective novel, "The Black Stone," set in San Francisco in February 1930, about how early the Muslim Brotherhood (with the connivance of the Sauds and even Standard Oil and Shell Oil) was active in this country. To see how early the Nazis and the Soviets were active in this country, read "The Chameleon" and "A Crimson Overture," by the same author in the same series. Neither of them would ever be published by a mainstream publisher, so these are Amazon created novels, and they're selling well. The Nazis and the Soviets are no longer around to make such a demand, but the Islamic supremacists are. But, I will never submit to the kind of censorship discussed here by Abigail Esman, not even if a federal gun is put to my head.


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