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What is a muslim

Submitted by tamimisledus, Jun 7, 2014 08:19

To reiterate Abdul Ameer and Geppetto. "islam is the problem".

It is a fact that many muslim (and non-muslim) commentators seek to hide by diverting attention away from the basic principles of islam towards currently violent muslim groups. They will often claim that these groups are not representative of islam. The plain truth of it is that these violent groups are following the strategy defined and implemented by muslims and their leaders when they first began to impose islam on their neighbours.

A moslem (muslim), by definition, is someone who is an adherent of islam. To say there are muslims who do not follow islam is thus total nonsense.

islam is inherently a totalitarian ideology. It is patently madness to assume anything other than that a muslim, who de facto believes in islam, approves of its totalitarian nature.


Islamism/Radical Islam/Islam

Submitted by Abdul Ameer, Jun 6, 2014 16:08

You say that America is not at war with Muslims or Islam. Unfortunately, Islam is at war with us, and we are not fighting back. Islam has always been at permanent war with non-Muslims, just like it says so many times in the Koran and the Sunnah. We need to be at war with Islam just like we were at war with Nazism, and for the same reasons. THEY declared war on us with their totalitarian and imperialist ideology. Islam is also a totalitarian and imperialist ideology, and there is no way we can defeat it until we recognize it for what it is.

You write that "The IPT never said Islam is the problem in its ads. IPT suggested that radical Islam is a problem," This is a problem in itself because, in reality, Islam itself is the problem. CAIR does not want the public to make any connection between Islam and what you call "radical Islam", and so they are against the term "radical Islam". How different from that is your assertion that Islam is not the problem? You are going to be accused of being anti-Islam no matter how you phrase it, so why not tell the inconvenient truth? Of course, Islam is the problem. As Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said: "There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam, and that's it." Why should we use such a term as "radical Islam" if the Islamic leaders themselves do not recognize it? By using "radical Islam" we are implying that there is an Islam which is not "radical". There are Moslems who are not radical, that is, there are Moslems who do not follow the doctrines of Islam. However, the fact that they do not follow those doctrines does not change the fact that those doctrines exist. There are moderate Moslems, but there is no such thing as "moderate Islam".


Silencing Americans Through Fear

Submitted by Infidel Task Force, Jun 6, 2014 14:30

Great article!! Great Job Steve. If its acceptable to you, I will post this permanently on our page Silencing AmericansThrough Fear:


Thank you




"radical Islam"?

Submitted by Geppetto, Jun 6, 2014 12:49

That the NYTimes only insisted on adding the word "radical" is a huge step in the right direction but, eventually, it will have to be made clear that Islam is the problem. Islam contains within it a requirement that it and it alone dominate globally. That is not just their religious quest it is also a demand for complete social, political and judicial supremacy over all, regardless of ethnicity, race or religious persuasion. All will either convert and become Muslim or submit and pay the Jizya or be killed, murdered, slaughtered, men, women and children alike. This is Islam, not "radical" Islam and their means to achieve this goal is Jihad in all its cruel and devious forms including terror (war), stealth and deception. CAIR and the numerous other Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. and around the world, are examples of the latter two of these tactics.


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