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show no fear

Submitted by Betty, Apr 23, 2014 18:35

what ever you do not show fear. that is what they want you do is to fear them and you know they do not work alone so do not be alone no matter what. be with other at all times never let your children be alone. good luck. what I hate I have only one life to fight for my family and country.( and really I am no young chick any more)


explicitly Islamist?

Apr 23, 2014 13:47

Our friends, the Brits, have brought this problem on themselves and have been exacerbating it, not coming to grips with it. It is happening all over the world and here in America too, not yet as advanced here as in other parts of the western world but well on its way.

The problem no one wants to face is that it is Islam; not radical Islam or explicit Islam but Islam and that is a concept the west adamantly and actively refuses to accept.


At least in large part because the Muslim brotherhood and its numerous offshoot support groups attack every effort to expose this truth as Islamophobia; to paraphrase, "an irrational fear of Islam, with absolutely no foundation in fact, designed to unfairly victimize Muslims."

CAIR for example, the Council on American Islamic Relations, has made many such allegations and taken those brave enough to speak the truth to court. This is a diabolical Jihad tactic called "Lawfare." The cost to those accused is enormous. which is the power inherent in the tactic. They've also successfully prevented the appearance of their critics in certain venues by casting erroneous aspersions on their mental state, character and background, especially those who are the most experienced, knowledgeable, outspoken and well known of their adversaries; like, for example, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. It is worth noting here that Britain recently banned their entry into the UK which speaks volumes with regard to this story. These two have been so successfully and unfairly demonized by Islamic propaganda as perhaps the most dreaded of "Islamophobes" that their very presence is considered the ultimate offense to their Muslim "victims." And all they do is write, on a daily basis, factual articles, replete with photographs, videos and relevant references, about the brutal atrocities being committed around the world amidst shouts of "Allahu Akbar," "death to America" and "death to Israel."

Apparently very few are paying attention, more comfortable with their western notions regarding multiculturalism, political correctness, live and let live and freedom of religion; completely unaware and unfamiliar with the fact that Islam, at its core, is a political, social, judicial theocracy encompassing every aspect of human existence. Further, Islam is the immutable word of Allah rendering the idea of a reformation mute and imbuing its adherents with a 7th century mindset. And beyond that is the notion that Islam, and Muslims as "superior beings" must become globally dominant with all non-Muslims either subservient and pay the Jizyah (tax) or be killed.

Perhaps not so well known as Spencer and Geller is Ayaan Hirsi Ali who recently had an invitation to receive an Honorary degree from Brandeis University revoked. The notion that this woman from Somalia who was raised as a Muslim, suffered genital mutilation at the age of 5 and subsequently became an apostate and an outspoken advocate of women's rights in Muslim societies, is an Islamophobe is ludicrous; but such is the power of that bogus label. A Google search with the terms "Brandeis Ali" reveals the nature and depth of this controversy replete with western media joining the chorus of condemnation led by Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR.

The truly amazing and disturbing aspect of this is that the obvious is totally and purposefully ignored while the lie, the existence of Islamophobia, and irrational hatred and fear of Islam and Muslims, is accepted without question in the absence of any concrete evidence whatsoever.


British MPs condemn Alleged Islamist School Takeover Plot

Submitted by Barbara Griffith, Apr 22, 2014 20:37

I am beginning to think too that al-Qaida operatives are living all over the UK, it is easy for them to sneak in using either a fake ID or using one that belonged to a relative or a fellow member. Why don't they strip these dangerous people of their citizenship and deport them?

The Brits seem helpless in the face of what is happening to their country. This is another country that, as far as I know, the population is not allowed to keep guns like we can here in the states. So when the you- know- what- hits the fan over there all of the population will be helpless to protect themselves.


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