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The Power of Darkness

Apr 4, 2014 11:35

The Holy Bible states, very clearly, that the "Power of Darkness" can create havoc. What appears to be a "no brainer" to some, isn't even seen by the masses when God is rejected by the people! (ie thrown out of the classrooms and court houses.) May god forgive us!


Why Hasn't Anyone Stopped Them?

Submitted by PAK, Mar 21, 2014 16:56

Why hasn't anyone stopped Islam? It's like Everyone is just sitting back, doing nothing, and allowing this nightmare to progress. This is a HUGE DANGER!!!



Mar 19, 2014 13:56

This tactic should be exposed in every public communications medium in the U.K. and every other non Muslim country with growing Muslim populations. Like the radical left, Muslims know that the slow and easy approach is the only way they can achieve the hegemony they desire. Where can a minimal effort have greater effect than in our schools where our innocent, vulnerable, malleable children can be indoctrinated? Or perhaps brainwashed is the more accurate term.


Muslim extremists Allegedly Plotted 'Jihad' to take over British Schools.

Submitted by Barbara Griffith, Mar 19, 2014 01:43

I believe that is what was being talked about behind closed doors. But they were stopped before it could be accomplished because of the letter getting out to the public and the police department. From the way the police regarded the letter more as a joke the police don't consider the Muslims as a danger in any way. Like I have said before when the population of Muslims is large enough they will try a government take over and they may win.


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