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A good book I recommend...

Submitted by Imran Admani, Apr 7, 2014 00:37

Hello all,

If I may recommend a good book to read that explains the difference between Muslims and Islamist's. It is by M. Zuhdi Jasser Ph.D. The book is titled " A Battle for the Soul of Islam, An American Muslim Patriots Fight to Save his Religion. I am a police officer in Texas and a Muslim and I attended one of his Counter-terrorism seminars for law enforcement officers.He gets into detail about the problem about local mosques and the Imam's that preach hate against our Nation. The author is a very educated person and he has a organization called American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD). The Washington Post has described Zuhdi Jasser as "the most important American Muslim you've never heard of."

Be safe!!



Submitted by Ron, Apr 4, 2014 01:18

Alfonso Lopez is a perfect example of an Obama worshiper. Is he so stupid as to think that an Islam takeover is not in the process? Enough is enough! We have an enemy of the United States and it was declared by the Muslim Koran to destroy all infidels that are not Islamic. "Death to America" and "Holy Jihad" against the West are not terms that average peaceful people use. Mr. Lopez, you are nothing but STUPID and a Muslim sympathizer anti American as you obviously are.


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