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Submitted by Joyce, Apr 1, 2014 13:27

This is very good news, indeed. Kudos to the U.K. Hope the U.S. follows.


Cameron and the Whole of the UK are Dhimmies

Submitted by Beth, Apr 1, 2014 11:34

Thank you for the article.

Politicians, media, academia, church groups and more in the UK are afraid of their own shadow. They are desperately afraid of being called Islamophobes (there is no such thing) and racists.

Who knows how many hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars grease the Islamic takeover machinery?

The UK has sacrificed their daughters on the Altar of Political Correctness, saying nothing about the huge numbers of Muslim grooming/rape gangs and numerous other serious law infractions.

Cameron may receive some cover from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, but he wants to keep his rear end in Downing Street so you can bet that this investigation will be lukewarm and any actions to correct this welcoming of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who want to take over the country will have virtually no teeth. Sad to say and wish I was wrong.


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