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Submitted by gary fouse, Dec 21, 2013 18:01

Maybe it was Hoover Dam. Maybe somebody in Nevada can check it out.


It's a wonder??

Submitted by Geppetto, Dec 20, 2013 16:29

" MPAC enjoys good relations with the White House and other politicians and is considered influential on policy. It's a wonder, given the organization's reckless tendency to embrace terror suspects and promote baseless allegations."

This is not a wonder to any who've been paying attention over the past decade and especially since "The One" came on the scene in 2007-2008. Whatever Obama's true faith, if he has one, he has definitely demonstrated an affinity for the Muslim world with the Middle East, Islamist advisers he employs within the upper echelons of his administration. Witness his outspoken support for the Muslim brotherhood, his characterization of the takeover of Egypt by General Al Sisi as a coup, his cutoff of funding to Egyptian leaderhip and his efforts to get the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist, Mohammed Morsi reinstated as the "democratically elected" president despite massive protests by the Egyptian people.

That MPAC enjoys good relations with the White House should not be a surprise to anyone.


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