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Contain and Quarantine.

Submitted by CharlieG., Jul 24, 2013 10:56

As If any more evidence were needed, this ought to illustrate the futility of us "negotiating", "talking", or even maintaining an Embassy inside any Muslim country.

As with Iran after their takeover of our Embassy in Teheran in 1979, why go through the same drill again in Egypt? ...or any Muslim country? Granted we lose "on the ground", "on hand" witness, but what exactly has this accomplished so far in dealing with the Afghanistan "government" of the mercurial and slippery Karzai and/or the Iraqi "government of Maliki. All they want is our open spigot of cash. They both are regressing into dis-functional Third World entities.

We're spinning our wheels, and spending money for naught.

Perhaps the Swiss can again be persuaded to act as the middlemen between the United States Government and whichever Muslim faction is du jour in Cairo?

Lastly, why not contain, Cold War style, Muslim West and Central Asia and stand side as the butchering Muslim factions kill each other?.....why involve American young blood?


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