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little information is just as bad as ignorance

Submitted by Sugar Bear, Jul 26, 2014 21:20

this Imaam OR ANY Imaam that speaks about Jihad has NO understanding of what Jihad is or the rules pertaining to Jihad...Jihad can not be called for just by any body...Jihad has to..has to be called by the Khalifa....the Amir...the Leader of ALL the Muslims...and at this time..there is none.....! just like you had David Koresh...Charles Manson...and the Millitia and the Klan....they call or called for a war on people...they've killed people believing in the Bible...man...always destroys what is good...so what i am saying is....we have to have..get knowledge of a situation..depending on the Media is crazy as we know they only report half truths or know truths at all...and we know this...this Imaam or any other one that is talking this trash...is not speaking to the majority...only those in their community..and most of them don't heed his words...the news will never tell you...what the scholars of Islam are saying...they can't excite you if they did....all i want to say..is IF you want the truth about these things...look past your regular Media...look at foreign media..ask somebody who knows...knowledge is always better than ignorance...too many people have died due to......ignorance !


response to call for armed jihad

Submitted by militiaman, Nov 16, 2013 11:53

I am a Christian American, I do not stand against people of other faiths, however I do not allow those same people to tell me that I must live as they do or die in fact I will stand my ground and fight any and all who wish to destroy me and mine simply because they don't like us or our ways I will defend this nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic. The Constitution ensures that everyone who lives here has the right to freedom of worship. Please do so in peace.


THINK before you make a comment about RELIGION!!!

Submitted by debbie, Aug 25, 2013 00:05

Jesus Christ was NOT a pacifist! To even say that tells me you don't know anything about the time Jesus was alive. To be persecuted as someone that committed treason, you had to have fought and spoken AGAINST the Romans at that time. They didn't just kill pacifists for GODSAKE! The Romans killed him because he was nonconformist and didn't care for the status quo. He fought for people to rise up and change the way they were thinking. However, after the Romans killed him, they convinced people hundreds of years later that Jesus was a pacifist to encourage ignorant people to be submissive. It's what's happening now thanks to powerful people wanting to make all the poor people submissive against the regimes in charge.


Imams living in United States and incite killig of U.S. citizen.

Submitted by Muna, Feb 27, 2013 22:07

There are muslim imams living in United States, that in their sermon call our Christianity a " dumb and does not make sense" and criticize our culture in U.S., and call our freedom as "social pressure and cultural slavery", and we keep granting them our freedom..... I do not understand why we keep accepting muslims in the United States?? and why we do not have law, that allow to withdraw citizenship of any individual that incite killing of U.S. citizen?? and why we keep Imams in U.S. ??? All Imams (muslim religon speakers) are the same, they will always have two faces one that sell lies to our Government, and face that speakes inciting Muslims living in United States to further Muslim ideology. and without no respect to U.S. that opened its land for them to live and have better life, that they once had in middle east. Muslims also are killig each others in middle east countries like Egypt and Iraq, vying for influence. and their justification for the killing is RELIGION !!!!!! so religion is the pretext that all muslim Imams and religion speakers used to incite muslims.



Feb 26, 2013 22:33

Che? He was a communist and a terrorist. Jesus Christ was a pacifist and tried to help people, not slaughter the masses.


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little information is just as bad as ignorance [190 words]

Sugar Bear 

Jul 26, 2014 21:20

response to call for armed jihad [94 words]


Nov 16, 2013 11:53

THINK before you make a comment about RELIGION!!! [125 words]


Aug 25, 2013 00:05

Imams living in United States and incite killig of U.S. citizen. [190 words]


Feb 27, 2013 22:07

What???? [22 words]


Feb 26, 2013 22:33

good [36 words]


Feb 26, 2013 01:43

muslim threat by imam [29 words]


Feb 25, 2013 12:09

He told beaten raped and killed people to fight back with their money and life [108 words]


Feb 24, 2013 00:40

muslim threat,by amam. [13 words]


Feb 23, 2013 12:54

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