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Why America is going in Circle's and the ship is sinking.

Submitted by Russ, Oct 17, 2012 23:02

First take a look at the people we put in to office,obama,not even a full term in the senate,yet the Dems pushed this guy on us the people,We must Take a hard look at our senator's and our congressmen , They are the one's that put theese total Idiot's in front of us the people ,and this is the best they can do?? It is time for the people to take back our White House, Our Senate, Our House of Represenative's And Get rid Them. We put them in office and we can take them out! I Love this country and it's Time we Clean House ,All of them!!


Obama looking for Good Radical Islamists with Martyrdom Complex

Submitted by The Troll, Oct 9, 2012 14:17

Appeasing the fanatical jihadist, they hate us and Israel and always will till we are gone or they are annihilated.


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