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The War Way is America's Only Way

Submitted by Philip Henika, Sep 14, 2012 08:18

Nope - it is America that drives a violent political system that forces itself on other nations e.g. 50 Marines sent to Libya - 50 thumbs in a dam. Now, to propose peacebuilding initiative to Americans would mean that America has become the ultimate apologist e.g. how on Earth could growing cotton in Afghanistan instead of poppies prevent future terrorist attacks? We don't know because drug cartels, a corrupt Karsai government and America will stop cotton for a replacement for poppies e.g. obstructionism locks up the idea. Charlie's Wilson War says it all - 1 billion to train Afghanis to fight the Soviets - 1 million rejected by Congress for nation rebuilding - Al Qaeda is created by OBL using US trained forces that we left behind - years later, Al Qaeda gathers 125 in Benghazi and kills Stevens.


Change in Tactic

Submitted by Ray Dunn, Sep 13, 2012 11:33

I think it's a change in tactic. Even though our elected officials are either willfully blind or just don't get it, the American people are tired of taking a back seat to a violent political system that is forcing itself on us using religion as the prime mover. I think that the Islamists have figured this out and are changing their tactics, but not changing their agenda.

As for the statements by Islmist groups calling for the protection of all U.S. personell, etc., etc., I don't believe it for a minute. Unfortunately, our elected officials will fall for this lock, stock, and barrel and praise Islam for it's "tolerance" and support of the American people, then follow up with yet another apology.


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