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Obama cannot be trusted to protect America's best interest

Jan 22, 2015 15:43

It is very troubling that President Obama is pandering to interest groups like CAIR instead of doing what's right for America. President Obama is far and away the most blatantly anti-Israel president we have ever have. He fails to correctly recognize who our allies are and who our enemies are. Releasing large numbers of dangerous Islamic militants in the middle of a fullscale global war against them makes absolutely no sense. These released prisoners will very likely return to what they were doing before they were captured. Yes, they will probably plan and perform more jihadist terror attacks against us. President Obama is determined to impose a dubious and one-sided agreement with Iran on the nuclear arms issue. He doesn't want Congress to have a say because Congress and the public won't like what they see. When all the facts are exposed if they ever are, we will probably learn that the White House foreign and national security policies have been severely corrupted by the almighty dollar. President Obama is pandering to organizations like CAIR because of their deep pockets of money.


Very discouraging

Jun 9, 2012 18:32

Is there anybody in our government that is on our side anymore? I feel like I'm adrift on a bamboo raft in the middle of the Pacific ocean without a life preserver.


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