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Wobbly editors crawl on their own P.C mud

Submitted by Redwood, Mar 20, 2011 12:06

For over a century the N Y Times specialized in misinforming its readers about major topics of interes, ranging from the rise of Socialism and its meaning to the rise of Facism, Hitler and the "slow disappaearance" of the jewish community in Europe during the war. They purposely misled the public on the atrocities of Stalin, Mao and most admiringly portrayed Benito Mussolini, the original "Socialist", most loved by FDR. When Fidel landed in Cuba, the NY Times wrote most lovingly about this "charismatic" new age "leader", and whenthe Fidel trained and supported terrorists in El Salvador were murdering thousands of their own citizens, no resources were spared, including the removal of lefty Ray Bonner, a certified lawyer, who actually reported the truth for a change about a gruesome National Army (trained by U.S) massacres in the Morazan Mountains, bending over to pressure from undersecretary Sanders, during the Reagan era. This is a daily that was one of the first to know about AIDS, hiding the news in the back pages of the Sports section in 1981...this list goes on and on...the spineless and utterly unethical and devious Leftist editors, have taken the jewel in the crown and turned it into a Rhinestone.


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