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Submitted by akw, Jan 8, 2011 03:27

I've been discouraged about the supposed "partnership" we have with Pakistan in fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda, and I've been alarmed by the recent surveys that show that the majority of Pakistanis are truly very conservative. I was not, however, prepared for the rabid determination that the "blasphemer" be put to death, and I have been truly horrified by this assassination and the seeming condoning of it by Pakistanis. It may well be a tipping point - putting Pakistan on a very dangerous path. The government seems to have either no power or no desire to restore some sense of sanity and order. There is currently a death fatwa for the Minister of Religious Minorities because he too called for a change to the blasphemy laws. There is also a new threat of a suicide attack on the jail where Bibi is being held. What on earth is going to happen in that country if she is not killed, and what will happen if she is? What a horrible situation.


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