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Keep it simple

Submitted by edwalsak, Jan 30, 2011 16:41

As I understand it, and please correct me if I am wrong, white christians killed and expropriated the property of about 11,000,000 europeans, more than half Jewish. Un willing or unable to repatriate them after the war , they were given little option but to immigrated to a land currently occupied and claimed by others with the outside fianancial and military support of westerners .Seems to me these tortured souls and those they displaced should be more condemning of their Christian western brothers for making them pawns than at a fellow semite like Helen Thomas types.


Way Out Of Touch

Submitted by Dillah, Jan 18, 2011 21:39

"I could call President Obama anything in the book, and no one would say anything"

Just goes to show how out of touch Helen Thomas is - with reality.


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