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Helen Thomas is right, who else has her courage?

Submitted by Barry Wright, Nov 30, 2012 01:26

Criticizing Israel is political suicide in Congress or the White House, does anyone dispute that? What further proof of undue lobbying influence do you need to have? It's not 'anti-Semitic' to condemn Zionism as pushing our foreign policy the wrong way in Israel's interests, not ours. Investigate, do research, see what you find. By the way, 'Semites' include Arabs but when they are criticized as being terrorists no-one accuses anyone of' 'anti-Semitism'.

I am sad for America that this one influence group has captured so much of our decision making and thinking. To even mention their name is political suicide and is considered by many to be religious bigotry.

Consider also this, Zionists encourage 'diversity' and open immigration in the United States but none in their own country, Israel. Helen Thomas was a martyr, kicked out and dishonored for simply speaking the truth that almost everyone knows but is afraid to directly state as she did for fear of losing their jobs. That's not the American way as I know it, is it?


It makes sense to me.

Submitted by Michael, Dec 10, 2010 14:56

Notice how CAIR supports Helen Thomas' statement. Seeing as how CAIR fronts for the radical Islamic front, I would say that's at least remotely terror related.



Submitted by Fredrick, Dec 7, 2010 22:33

How exactly is this even remotely terror related? Is every time someone says something Moronic and anti-semetic it going to end up on a terror blog?


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