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stopping ISIS

Aug 12, 2015 20:12

Ok, off the top of my head.......... why haven't the western devils looked into stopping isis the easy way. Out in front of their advance............ drop pig parts and blood.... not necessarily pig blood as they will assume it is pig blood. Just make sure the pig parts and blood do not intermingle........... otherwise it might as well be pig blood.


ISIS fighters, you have been sold out by your Imam

Aug 12, 2015 20:08

Think about it. You have done things so overboard that the Jinn/Shaitan are the only ones pleased. You have had victories as long as you die. This is the deal anyone can see. The Imam and leaders get victories as long as the fighters commit evil acts then die.... which gets them sent to ; Whatever Islam has for hell; no paradise for you.

If I am wrong, then why did you all cheer, jeer at the pilot.... you put him in a cage then watched as he was tormented as he burned to death. You also must have taken great pleasure in dragging fags up onto rooftops, just to throw them off. These things are immoral and only serve the Jinn. There will come a day when the Jinn will betray the deal.

Your souls for isis victories......you have fornicated with the women that came to you. You have tormented your prisoners before beheading them. As I said, everything to please Shaitan........... so no paradise for you.



Submitted by Tang Shiming, Jan 20, 2011 07:02


What always fascinates me is to see how stupid the average terrorist is. With a quick check, one can see immediately that Al Mojahden is located in the United States. Need one say more?

Best Wishes,

Tang Shiming

P.S. I encourage all non-native speakers of English who are not Muslims to join this terrorist forum. Why? So that you can (linguistically) exploit these terrorists...


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