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Of course, Islamics never blow up places of worship

Submitted by phlogiston, Jan 17, 2011 00:04

Everyone should believe the Iranian disclaimers concerning conduct of Muslims. Can anyone cite any instance of a Muslim blowing up any place of worship or targeting civilians.

The Iranian PR department must be practicing script writing for a comedy show.


Fascist Islamists want to have it both ways, as they play it to their convenience

Submitted by Deesa, Jan 4, 2011 23:22

Fascist Islamists want to have it both ways, as they play it to their convenience: to terrorize the infidel like [statements made prior to the bombing, among Muslim crowds, as AP reported on threatening the Copts that they "must be taught a lesson" or Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq's open declaration, threatening Europe, "Europe, your 911 is underway" at the cartoon-Jihad 2005-6, they dance and celebrate as non-Muslims are targeted 'Allah Akbar' (like in Egypt, 2011, or on 9/11/2001) and on the other hand they still claim that they blame the zionists victims, go figure. Double crimes against humanity.



Submitted by Sam, Jan 4, 2011 05:03

The terrorists who committed the coward attack on The Alexandria Coptic Church, are not to blame, they had just implemented the True Islam exactly as The Sheikhs taught them . They are programmed to faithfully execute what they had been instructed to do.

However, and to be more specific, refer to ( Sourat Al Touba & Sourat Mohamed ) in The Arabic version and seek a non-Muslim translator to translate ( The Verses of The Sword ) as Muslims manipulate the meaning to conceal the real meaning trying to cover up showing that Islam is peaceful which is contradictory to the essence of Islam

Furthermore, the Qur'an declares clearily ( in Arabic ) that Muslims should kill the non-Muslim unless they convert to Islam

Simply, take a glimpse around the World, you will find Muslims terrorise the others for no reason but being non-Muslims ( infidels )


Video of islamists who blew up church screaming allah-akbar

Submitted by Ima, Jan 3, 2011 18:35

Video: Muslim Crowd Chants "Allah Akbar" While Christians Lay Dying in Street After New Year's Terror Attack on Church in Egypt .... just do a google search


So much for rational dialogue.

Submitted by DavidS, Jan 3, 2011 17:36

Do they realy believe this craziness or are they hoping to persuade their own people and the gullible with taqiyah ?

What is amazing is that so much of this of this insanity comes from supposedly educated people. Is that culture salvagable? I have great doubts.



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