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Old problem

Submitted by Angel, Dec 20, 2010 22:29

I remember in early 1980's when I was studying at the university, there was very strange happened in the classroom. Suddenly a bunch of classmates withdraw themself into a small group who did not want to talk or shake hand to other female classmates. There was a mosque inside the university and we noticed those people were always busy to attend a mosque activities. They regularly went to seminars somewhere outside of town. I never forgot how they refused to speak to me because I am a woman, pretended that I never exist in front of them. For long time I wondered why they do that? I found the answer in 1990's that they were systematically radicalized by certain islamic organization. Now they became lecturers at the university to grow radical ideology to establish shariah law.

I guess such event also happened in Europe or any places in this earth without proper monitoring. After 30 years of effort to radicalize the youth, of course this phenomenom in the end showing result that huge bunch of radical muslims group will grip the life of non muslim, in order to reach their goal to islamize the world.


Radical Islam in the West grows

Submitted by Abigail Esman, Dec 18, 2010 03:44

And this, of course, is what my Radical State is all about. Yes, this is shameless self-promotion here -- but I wrote the book for a reason: to alert people to the problem, the challenges, and the threats. (Thank you, Steve Emerson, for your glorious review of it, as well, here: http://www.investigativeproject.org/2248/esmans-compelling-radical-state) I can't help but hope that if more people read it -- especially those in a position to change the West's approach to these issues -- we'll be a whole lot safer.


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