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The Facebook bomber.

Submitted by A R Thompson, Dec 15, 2010 03:51

You Nations That hold so much Power & Military force,you are so good at declaring War in other peoples countries Toppling Regimes and exposing your own peoples to a blood bath of carnage, while the victims of the country are forced to endure most most horrible casualties.

For whatever the rights or wrong of these missions; History will tell it was a Mistake.

However when evilness rears it Ugly Head in your own back yard, which could effect you own citizens and even your own earthy life, for its better to be alive then dead.

Its time to find a solution to this problem,without the ongoing waste of further Legal debate at great cost to the taxpayer and a further drain on a economy that has forgotten how to export and the basic rules to do so. For the Mother country has a lot in common with you.

To find a permanent answer to the problem of Satanic Evilness we are all experiencing.

Are you able to find a piece of Rope. Its old fashioned, but very cost effective.


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