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Allah o Akbar??

Submitted by Bharat, Nov 26, 2010 06:35

Maybe Imam Obama needs to dole out a few millions, nay billions after all all these education and propoganda costs money and is not free. Everyone bow down to Imam Obama (aka Bowing to the saudis) and say AllahOAkbar!!!


The Solution to the Unstoppable acts of Terrorism

Submitted by A R Thompson, Nov 25, 2010 04:50

First we must go back, and I mean go back, to the time we were born,and then progress to childhood,and stop there,and think,who do we love,above above all things, If you can answer that question,you have the answer,and the key,to turning back this vile tide of unspeakable acts that debases all human dignity.

The implications to the answer, is that you have to think logically,and not morally as we have been doing so for many years and made very little progress in this never ending battle.

its a hard decision and will outrage the whole of civilized society,but we must go back in time again,for we have forgotten the lessons learnt from are Fathers of the past.

For we must reflect on the carnage and loss of life of all human beings in a time of Violent aggression,for no quarter was given on either side, and even then we had those that were on a Holy Jihad, willing to turn the human bodies into weapons of mass destruction.

So to but put a end to this sort of behavior we targeted, there loved ones, and there country on several occasions with the most devastating devices the world had ever known.

And only when you take this message to there loved ones, and target the perpetrators families and sacrifice there lives, as there sons do to ares, will you rapidly bring normality to the world in for the new generation to come.

That decision was carried out by great Leaders of the world, which gave us temporary peace during are life time during WW2

The lesson here is you have to go" beyond human decency and moral or religious thought" when dealing with these satanic vile mass murders, of are Children, Mothers and Fathers.

For if I decide to go on a Holy Crusade or Jihad in the House of Parliament,and commit the most heinous of crimes, because I dont like there decisions, which is often in my case, I would reflect if it meant, that my Sister, Brother,Farther, Mother, children or those relatives connected to my own personal Family were sentenced to death because of my Radical ways. For I would be destroying the ones I love, and that would mentally cause me the most profound grief and hurt,and have to reassess, my next move, and bring a End to my thoughts of killing many others, in the name of whatever religious domination I belong too.

If we are to survive we must act in the ways of the Terrorist and not in the ways normality. For evilness is on are Doorstep and we have left the Doors open and now paying the price.


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