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Lets Move ahead and try to build people to people relations with Pak

Submitted by Shyamsunder Panchavati, Nov 30, 2009 10:14

Challeney is an expert in this segemnt. and as usual there is not much to comment on his views except totally agreeing with him. Now that Headly & Rana have been arrested there will be more & sustained pressure on Pak government from USA to act , and hopefully action will be initiated against Saeed also.

This apart, what is more important is people to people contact, which came to a stand still with 26/11, should be restored specially in the cultural and sports field.It was encouraging to hear from MEA that Visa will not be a problem for Pak players for IPL3.

Artists from Pak like Ghulam Ali, Late Nusrat Fteh Ali Khan Saheb, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are very popular names in India. People in India are longing to have the artists back in India. Government of India while maintaining sustained pressure on Pak for action on terrorist, should at the same open the doors for cultural exchange between the two countries.The bond between the pople of the two countries has remained strong despite the differences between the governments.It is the poeple again who can change the atmosphere from animosity to affinity between the two countries.

This will also help promote peace and harmony between the two countries and leave the terrorist with no support base. This will help reduce terrorism if not totally overcoming it.


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