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Thank you Steve Emerson

Submitted by Kathryn, Aug 23, 2010 13:57

Thank you so much for the interactive terrorist map. I pray that you have brought this and all of your research before Congressional committees or the entire Congress.

Seems like many Americans and politicians are happily unaware of what is really going on. i.e. Cardoba mosque - to me, it is not an issue of lst Amendment religious rights, but it is a national defense issue. After 9/ll, the U. S. should have put a STOP to further influx of Middle Easterners and a STOP to mosques, terrorist training camps, etc. for an indefinite period of time. Instead, since 9/11 we have given them free reign - especially within our government.

Please continue your good work. There must be a better way to get your info in front of more people - though, once again, they just do not want to believe it. Wish there was something I could do; so far, I just call or write Congressional members.


Intimidation is a gangsta tactic

Submitted by jen, Aug 9, 2010 23:17

I am appalled that the leaders of the mosques would tell our FBI what to do.. I certainly hope that now the FBI has concluded that many of those who call themselves a "bridge"" between the FBI and the "muslim community" are nothing but terrorists themselves. And I certainly hope that they are still tough enough, and not so sold out to PC, that they will actually keep on with their investigations, wherever they need to be.done.

The pure arrogance of these people is an insult to our sovreignty. Anyone who declares themselves "off limits" to police, firefighters, FBI, etc., should be deported. If they are American citizens, they should be held and tried for not cooperating with the police. I'm sure there are ways to make this happen. I do not want to see the American gov't passing out maps of "No Go Zones," so citizens will know what areas to avoid, as in France.

If there is no law against non-cooperation with authorities, laws should be passed, either federally or at the state level. But I cannot believe that the Crips and the Bloods or even the Mafia could have blatantly said, "We're off limits" and expect authories to "obey."

We are a nation governed by law, not by the koran and not by inmans and mullahs. That should be made instantly obvious as soon as this type at baiting occurs. The American people would stand behind their law enforcement and intelligence community, should there be any doubt.

What was that remark -- "We will not stand for it" or such? What does that mean? Is that a threat of lawsuits or violence? Either way, we must not be intimidated by those who would plot to overthrow our republic.


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