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Bravo journalists

Submitted by Vladimir, Jul 2, 2010 23:17

Dear Friends: I am jew 75, USA. I like to solve any problems from human mistakes. But I do not like INTENTIONAL NEGATIVE ACTIONS against PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE. Let me propose my opinion: a. Khallil, Hadiaq, and another progressive journalists will have my support and I will wait future articles with my great pleasure. Bravo and Good Luck! b. Flotilia was organized, undercover, intentional, antisemitic, and negative ACTION against Israel and its PECEFUL BLOCADE of Gaza with only two purposes- to stop weapon and military materials supply. It was not a "bunch of human mistakes" and killed turkish "military activists", it was intentional turkish military negative actions and 9 killed people was a "turkish payment for active/aggressive military WAR aginst PECEFUL CUSTOM SERVICES. I think that Mr. J.Turkel with his colleques will make a real, independent, and fast decission. I am in San Francisco and warn Israel to have as much as possible WITNESSES of all flotilia actions. Maybe it was not enough. P.S. It was only one turkish (IHH) ship-Marimara was created a military problem, anther 5 ships brought their cargo to Gaza. Sincerely, Vladimir


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