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Another superb article by your agency-Clearly, you lead the fight in the war on American Terrorism

Submitted by Craig Finley, Sep 28, 2009 14:25

Dear Investigative Project Staff,

Just wanted to write and give you a thumbs up on yet another great piece of intelligence reporting. I have 13 years of civilian law enforcement experience and 11 years in the U.S. Army. I was in Heidelberg, Germany during the first Gulf war. We were amazed at the deluge of intelligence reports which came in every day about "Middle Eastern men" suddenly appearing like popcorn, taking pictures of DOD schools and military installations. Yet, everyone assumed it was extremists who supported Saddam. Not until I saw the documentary OBSESSION did I realize just how successfully Islam has been flying under the radar-I'm usually pretty good with staying up with threats and extremist groups, but clearely, I was caught with my pants down on Islam-as I'm sure many Americans were. Just the other day, I gave a copy of OBSESSION to our favorite waitress at a resturaunt we go to after working night shift-When I asked her what she thought, she said wide eyed, "I had no idea." Organizations like yours provide ordinary people like me with invaluable resources to gather information and present it to our fellow Americans. Thanks again!


Craig-Sophia, NC


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