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Definition of a Moderate Muslim

Submitted by Muslims Against Sharia, Feb 19, 2009 12:51

What is a moderate Muslim? According to a dictionary, a moderate is a person who is opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, especially in politics or religion. Yet, majority of the public seem to be struggling with the definition of a moderate Muslim. Perhaps we can make this task easier by defining a radical Muslim and then defining the moderate as an opposite of the radical.

Below is a list of issues that differentiate moderate Muslims from Islamic radicals. Hopefully you can help us grow this list.

Issue Radical Moderate Anti-Semitism Yes No Caliphate Pro Against Criticism of Islam No Yes Deceiving non-Muslims Yes No Democracy Against Pro Dhimmitude for non-Muslims Pro Against Every deed (and word) of Prophet Muhammad (according
to Ahadith) was noble and is worthy of emulation Yes No Freedom of (from) Religion Against Pro Gender equality Against Pro Gihad Pro Against Government Religious Secular Islamic reformation Against Pro Islamic supremacy Pro Against Israel Against Pro / Neutral Koran over Constitution Yes No Reaction to criticism of Islam or Prophet Muhammad Anger / Violence Reason / No reaction Religious equality Against Pro Sharia Pro Against Terrorism Pro / Neutral Against Theocracy Pro Against Universal Human Rights Against Pro Use of terms such as "Islamic terrorism" or "Islamofascism" Object Accept Whitewashing terrorism Yes No
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