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Militant Somalis in Greeley Colorado

Mar 13, 2009 14:37

You might look at the staged crisis at the Greeley Colorado meatpacking company where Islamic Somalis walked off the job in protest allegedly because break times did not correspond with their religious dictates. Thankfully they were fired, but in light of this article it does raise questions Colorado LEO ought to re-consider.


Staged Controversy

Feb 28, 2009 16:03

Coming up with the label "Staged Controversy" is very helpful on its own. Getting the term into the media lexicon will help enormously when these sort of events happen again. If you can just get the MSM to toss in one sentence like." ..but some say this is just another staged controversy" that would be a great step forward in raising awareness of the tactic.

I think the place where the "staged controversy" tactic is used most successfully is on college campuses. There's probably a dozen or more examples from just the last year or so.


Rumor Mills As Acts of Staged Controversy

Submitted by Philip Henika, Feb 28, 2009 13:04

The "rumor mill" suffices, IMO, as an act of staged controversy and the "rumor mill", as we all know, can be employed via media and government propaganda as well as terrorist groups. The false reporting by a London tabloid (Sun) of a plaque outbreak amongst AQIM in Algeria is a recent example. I have a couple of questions. If terrorist groups become more and more linked to organized crime will they become more secretive and less prone to acts of staged controversy? Do you think global leaders should make more of an effort to compete for hearts and minds based, in part, on the relevance of the research here?


Why no comment on the Danish Toons

Feb 28, 2009 04:57

The most blatant example for me was the eruption caused by the DCs only some three months after they had appeared during the month of Ramadan in Egypt and other places, and with an extra "non-Danish" image included. It took the Danish Imam time to get things rolling.


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