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one more thing, THEY ARE NOT TERRORISTS!

Submitted by Debbie Tharp, Feb 16, 2010 16:40

I know a lot of these guys, and fully support their right to free speech, just as I fully support the rights of Anteaters For Isreal to free speech. This is some crazy stuff, you calling them terrorists just because they are vocal aobut their political views. Oh yeah, I read the evidence, but lets look at all of the money that is donated to Isreal too. I'm not saying either side is right. My group supports a NON INTERVENTIONIST FOREIGN POLICY. COMMON SENSE. Leave the MSU and AFI alone. Spirit and activism should be encouraged.


If you don't like it, get involved

Submitted by Debbie Tharp, Feb 16, 2010 16:34

This has been going on for a while at UCI, since 2002, and I can tell you, as an extremely active student there, that there is more than one side to this story. What you witness on the videos was a planned demonstration carried out by the MSU of more than one school. This demonstration was planned in protest to the Jewish/Palestinian conflict, and our ambassador's hawkish rhetoric and handling of the situation. If you didn't like their actions, I will point out to you that the MSU and Anteaters for Israel are the only two truly active student organizations on our campus that get any amount of outside interest and support. Perhaps you didn't like their tactics, but I can tell you that after spending many months trying to respectfully drum up some interest in my CONSERVATIVE campus organization called Young Americans for Liberty, that no one seems to hear the students who merely follow the rules. If you think that these kinds of tactics are unnecessary to have our voices heard, THEN PROVE IT WITH YOUR ACTIONS! Get involved! Help out student groups like ours. The conservative voice on my campus is being lost, or drowned out by radical and socialist politics. Please, Please, Please help!

Debbie Tharp



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