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Submitted by PRCS, Dec 28, 2009 20:38

The real queston, the one seldom asked, is why journalists, politicians, our military and police leaders, and others continue to mislead an already confused American public about the true threat in this poorly named 'War on Terror'?

Those who persist in parrotting phrases like 'radical Islam', 'radical Muslim', and 'Muslim extremist' either need to explain what those phrases mean vis a vis authentic Islam--as it's written in Qur'an, hadith and Sir'ah--or cease using them.

It is long past time to admit that true, orthodox Islam is both antithetical to democracy and unquestionably incompatible with the U.S. Cosnstitution.

Islam might still be appropriate and applicable to the 'Muslim world', but we do not amputate thieves' hands here, and as adults we must come to the rational conclusion that every Muslim living in America--despite their protestations and whether they migh each participate or not--is a member of an all encompassing belief system that expects its followers to work toward the subjugation of the entire world under the hegemony of Islamic law. Ignoring the facts will not change them.

We have foolishly allowed ourselves to believe that Muslim literalists--true believers to whom the Qur'an is God's literal word--have perverted Islam.

How long will we allow ourselves to believe that selective compliance with its core tenets by 'moderate Muslims' is the prism through which we should view and understand Islam rather than the actual written content of the Qur'an and its companion texts?

Neither Army Major Nidal Hasan, nor the American born Imam Alawaki, are extremists. They, like Usama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahari, are literalists, as Islam expects its followers to be.

Our national ignorance about Islam's true teachings, coupled with a politically correct fear of offending Muslim Americans, prevents us from challenging them to explain how Islamic law--part and parcel of Islam--can possibly co-exist with our constitution and laws.

Every Muslim in America, knowing that Islam--their chosen belief system--is completely out of place here, is living a lie; hoping the nation does not finally catch on.

We're not subjected to these increasingly difficult airport security measures because of Presybeterian jihadists.

Even this evening, Col. Ralph Peters, while explaining that we don't get to decide what Islam is and what it isn't, still used the phrase 'radical Islam'.

It's time to wise up, America.


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