Writings by Lorenzo Vidino

Title Publication Date
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Lessons from Madrid and London Counterterrorism Blog April 30, 2007
The Muslim Brotherhood in Holland Counterterrorism Blog April 6, 2007
Italy: the strange Islamist/Communist alliance Counterterrorism Blog March 28, 2007
Top al Taqwa officers and Ibrahim El Zayat on trial in Egypt? Counterterrorism Blog February 9, 2007
Iranian call for the "convergence of Islamic movements" Counterterrorism Blog January 24, 2007
Alleged Tunisian plot & GSPC's influence in N. Africa Counterterrorism Blog January 17, 2007
After the Danish Cartoon Controversy Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007
Aims and Methods of Europe's Muslim Brotherhood (1 comment) Hudson Institute November 1, 2006
The Danger of Homegrown Terrorism to Scandinavia Counterterrorism Blog October 19, 2006
Democracy in the Muslim world The Boston Globe September 24, 2006
Report: 3 Spanish Muslims Recruited for Jihad Every Month Counterterrorism Blog September 9, 2006
The Danish Mohammed Cartoons and the Failed German Train Bombings Counterterrorism Blog September 4, 2006
Italian government's pardons free terrorists Counterterrorism Blog August 6, 2006
Is al Qaeda playing politics in Europe again? Counterterrorism Blog May 5, 2006
The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic law in Europe Counterterrorism Blog April 30, 2006
Islamists' message to Israel at New York City rally: "The mushroom cloud is on its way!" Counterterrorism Blog April 21, 2006
Europe's 'Muslim' hoods; Where jihad and criminality converge Washington Times April 21, 2006
State Department's flirting with the Muslim Brotherhood Counterterrorism Bog April 20, 2006
Dutch Get Tougher onTerror The Washington Times March 15, 2006
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Danish cartoons: new political tool Counterterrorism Blog February 18, 2006
Recruting for Iraq: Not a Crime Counterterrorism Blog February 16, 2006
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More lies from Danish Imams Counterterrorism Blog February 4, 2006
Fabricated cartoons worsened Danish controversy Counterterrorism Blog February 2, 2006
Jihad from Europe Journal of International Security Affairs September 27, 2005
Major Terrorism Financier's Hotel Finally Under Pressure Counterterrorism Blog September 9, 2005
Spanish authorities ignored tip Counterterrorism Blog August 15, 2005
Finally, Madrid's mastermind Counterterrorism Blog August 8, 2005
CIA agents wanted by Italy for kidnapping of radical imam Counterterrorism Blog June 24, 2005
Forceful Reason National Review Online June 10, 2005
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Germany acting against Turkish radical group Counterterrorism Blog May 19, 2005
Training Imams in Europe: Italy Chooses the Wrong Partner Counterterrorism Blog May 17, 2005
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The enemy within; Islamic terrorists infiltrate opposing forces Armed Forces Journal January 1, 2005
The Muslim Brotherhood's Conquest of Europe Middle East Quarterly Winter 2005
Credible Threat New York Sun August 5, 2004
Suri State of Affairs National Review Online May 21, 2004
Happy (Anti-Imperialist) Campers National Review Online April 21, 2004
Al Qaeda's Death Train? National Review Online March 15, 2004
Along Came Sharia National Review Online February 19, 2004
Dutch Terror Treat National Review Online January 7, 2004
Dutch Lessons Wall Street Journal Europe August 7, 2003