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whatever happened

Submitted by moamar nassar, Jul 23, 2009 10:23

i'm asking the political and security bodies and also this organization itself:

if you all know about the danger entailed by single side islam ,namely wahabi, why are you keeping silent, many other islamic views are more advanced and more opened to humanity experiences from east and west are available, you know shareeaty in iran alafghani 150 years ago ,malek bin nabi in algeria, and many other islamic reformists who moved thei thought in light of civilizational meanings and impacts of quran rather than narrow closed religious areas of said kotb and ikhwan , why the stupid islamic view is flourishing in a smart secular country like germany? why not thought schools based on bin naby and shareeaty? is it out of political hands of european intelligence MI6? i dont thik so, i believe you have every thing to do with making theses fanatics the only speakers of islam, i accuse you all ,european bodies: thinkers and politicians. you wanted this dark side of islam to flourish, otherwise why was shareeaty killed in london while khomeni lived in affluence in parris and lifted in a french airoplane to tehran? . why was nasser defamed after his death? why saddam was killed while they both were seculars and fought against extremists all the time? why no single secular political party in egypt has the ability to own a publishing house while legal, in the time where moslem brothers while illegal own tens. why the black books of said kotb (thought formulators of terrorism) are still distributed on book stores and on every corner in even aswan, in the time the regime(tightly bound to america and globalizational bodies) stresses fighting terrorism ? if the tap brings poisoned water why do you make every effort to make it opned all the time? is it agame? to make me a terrorist then scream and summon your peaolpe "let's fight terrorists" is it the way capitalism keeps a safety drain to avoid a social future revolution? if the west is honest be against terrorism all these foundations must be banned and closed it is realy within hands it will never be harder than invading iraq and killing 2 million people? is it?


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