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Submitted by Deanna Clark, Sep 28, 2011 19:10

There must be big dollars behind this "liberal" support of Islamists. I assume the oil companies are contributing, as are we when we drive big thirsty cars.


Remember the Trojan Horse

Submitted by Patri, Jul 19, 2008 11:10

Islamists are very careful to work withing the United States system and exploiting our laws for thier objectives. They work stealthily to acquire small simple litigious rullings and build from there once a precedent is set. The purposely find "victims" vis-a-vis Walmat, McDonalds, etc. to sue to not so much to obtain money, (which they gladly accept and pass on to their more violent terrorist sectors), but the main and unstated purpose of the suit is to gain LEGAL GROUND.

Islamists are not in America to co-exist peacefully, unless America co-exists under Sharia law, leaving behind United States Constitutional Laws. They are masters at deceit and propaganda. They are a small minority, yet they DEMAND and RECEIVE special accommodation; foot baths at our Universities; prayer rooms, etc. No other minority has ever demanded accommodation for RELIGIOUS purposes.

The backlash of Islamists is that many Americans now look at Muslims as a threat and with disapproval, where in as little as 10 years ago, Muslim were accorded respect and acceptance.

For many Americans it is difficult to distinguish between the "good Muslim" and the "bad Muslim." Bad Muslim meaning those who wish and seek to harm the United States. Fear creates barriers and mis-trust, and rightly so. The MSA and the NAIT are truly recruiting sectors. Please do not ask me to extend the hand of trust and friendship to my enemy when they hold the sword or dagger in theirs.


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