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Muslims are not talking about God, their are talking about power and control.

Submitted by Linda, Jul 22, 2009 16:30

Many of us grow up to understand that our first learnings are from elders in control and that they want to keep control, so we learn that many rules are just for that. God is a creator of all according to Muslim and Christian and Jewish religions. God is not about killing any of his/her creations. That has to be the first and foremost thought, value, way of life. From this understanding then each person or group may worship God in their own way, which would never harm or cause harm to anyone else. That is the only truth I would even consider in teaching the world. If we start projecting this out to the world everywhere there is talk of terrorism, constantly putting before the world's people this truth. Make it clear to believers or non believers that Life is creative - our way of life is to allow creation not death and destruction. Shout this out - not answer the call of killings with killings, yet protect ourselves, protect our belief of Life. This is the answer.


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